How AI and Analytics Can Reduce Costs in Projects

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How AI and Analytics Can Reduce Cost in Projects

A Presentation by Andy Evans to the Project Data Analytics Meetup on 13 Feb 2019

A huge thanks to Andy Evans at Xactium for sharing his insights on the impact of AI and analytics on risk management within a project delivery context. It feels like we are at the beginning of a really fascinating journey, where we start to explore how to extract value from the wealth of risk data that has gone before. From risk recommender systems through to understanding bias.  

Andy also mentioned some anecdotal evidence about the potential savings to be accrued through the use of these capabilities. It would be really helpful if we could work as a community to share this evidence and help to build the practical case for change. Together we can make a difference. 

The Video is available on the SkillsMatter website at this link.

The slides are available by clicking on the image below. 




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