The revolution of project delivery

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Data analytics, machine learning, AI and automation are undoubtedly some of the most common buzzwords right now. It doesn’t matter which sector you work in, if you go to a conference there will likely be something on the agenda regarding at least one of these themes. 

The reality is that in a few years’ time our jobs will all look radically different; however, when I talk to our community very few people see how this transformation is going to take place. We’re on the cusp of a revolution but it’s not clear to anyone what the steps are to get there! 

This revolution will impact how all projects are delivered and yet most people aren’t prepared for it; how exactly does someone get started and stay plugged into the latest developments? 

Across the community we see pockets of heroism; people experimenting and trying new things, usually under the cover of darkness. Don’t we need to bring this into the open? What is your organisation doing to prepare you for the new future…the inevitable future? How much of a call for this is there? A future where people are ‘pi’ shaped, with one leg in project delivery and one in advanced data analytics, with expertise spread across the entire organisation. 

By James Smith, CTO

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