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Only around 50% of projects are completed on time and slightly more are delivered within the original budget. This situation has hardly changed in nearly a decade. It is a challenge which is ideally suited to advanced data analytics methods, however whilst data analytics are gaining traction across the board, the project management profession is a relatively late adopter. We are on a mission to change this and shape a new future; a future that has the potential to save society hundreds of billions and transform how projects are managed.

Project:Hack aims to:

  • Explore methods and tools to transform how insights and value can be extracted from project data. Ranging from risk and schedule data through to on site presence of personnel.
  • Enable delivery professionals to understand the predisposition of projects to specific challenges, to predict them arising and take action to avoid the avoidable.
  • Ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery.

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Learn more about Project:Hack 6.

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Learn more about Project:Hack 6.

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To hear what others had to say about Project:Hack and see output including challenge pitches and presentations, blogs and videos of masterclasses click on the links above.

Project:Hack takes place 3 weekends per year and brings together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists / analysts to push boundaries and develop innovative solutions to enhance project delivery outcomes. Working as part of a team attendees: 

  • Tackle real world industry challenges using datasets from major players.
  • Upskill with masterclasses delivered by industry experts.
  • Network with others who share this vision and passion and influence some major players. 
  • Compete to win £1,000 worth of great prizes!

We continue to get great Feedback from our hackathons and Project:Hack7 promises to be the best yet!

Thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing help and support.

Project:Hack is run purely for the benefit of its members to drive innovation and change in project delivery. It relies heavily on sponsorship and ongoing support to make it viable.

We are always on the lookout for additional sponsors who share our vision and who will reap the benefits of this commitment:

Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Employees inspired with the art of the possible.
  • Illustrates what can be achieved in a really short space of time.
  • Helps to find better ways of getting tasks done, more quickly and smartly (for example of Project Hack 3.0, one task was estimated to take 2 days and was completed in 30 mins)
  • Explores different skills and how they can be brought into the organisation.
  • An absolutely fantastic return on investment, against input.

Any profits from ticket sales go to Cancer Research UK.