Project:Hack4 Masterclasses

Project:Hack4 Masterclasses

Over the course of the weekend attendees were treated to masterclasses on a range of subjects from hard core data science through to visualisations to help them up-skill. Thought leaders and movers and shakers from across the industry were also available to mentor attendees and provide expert advice on challenges. Click on the image to check out the videos of our masterclasses below:

A Brief Introduction to Data Science – Dr James Smith

Have you ever wondered what Data Science really is? What can and can’t Data Science do? What’s the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist? Are they actually just the same thing? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then this is the masterclass for you! Here James explores the Data Science process, such as data analyses, modelling and how to communicate findings.

Data Pipelines in Microsoft Azure – Jon Kirby

Find out how to build a basic data flow pipeline using Azure and PowerBI services.
After an overview of the available services (Logic Apps, Data Factory, SQL Server and PowerBI) Jon takes you through the process to configure an end-to-end pipeline with a few tips and tricks along the way.

Exploring and Visualising Project Data with PowerBI – Mark Wilcock

This masterclass explores some of the project data, the turnstile / user locations diary dataset, provided by the Hack organisers. Mark talks you through how to visualise the data in several different ways to understand it, starting with basic questions such as where do the workers on the project live. The objective is to show how using the visualisation tool such as PowerBI can quickly provide some insight into the dataset and inform the questions you may want to ask about it.

Bridging the Gap between Developers and Data Scientists – Gabriel Nepomuceno

Gabriel presents tools that you can leverage to bridge the gap between Developers and Data Scientists, helping to de-mystify data science and development. Everything looks scarier when you don’t know it!
He covers how to re-utilize pre-build models and how to create APIs from your models, plus other tricks that you can use to make the solution smarter and your model ‘production-ready’.

Masterclass video from Rishi Sapra – coming soon!

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Thank you to our contributors for all their help and ongoing support.