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On 31 October we held our first Aberdeen Project Data Analytics meetup north of the border in Scotland. Its been something that we’ve been working on for over a year. Many thanks to the Oil and Gas Technology Centre and Project Management Institute for helping to make it happen.  

Stephen Ashley from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre provided a backdrop to the nature of the challenge that the meetup is grappling with, highlighting that oil and gas projects are struggling with cost and schedule variance. Oil and Gas operators have an obligation, through the Maximising Economic Recovery rules, to work collaboratively to extract oil and gas from the North Sea, yet marginal fields become un-investable if we are unable to deliver within the bounds of the agreed business case.  

He highlighted that the intent of bringing the meetup to Aberdeen is to challenge established working, explore the art of the possible and encourage cross fertilisation between project and data professionals.  

We summarised the challenge ahead of us and the need to transform how we deliver projects by leveraging the exhaust plume of data that is emitted from a project. Data that provides insights on variance and how we may be able to manage it more effectively. Using data to pre-empt risks and issues before they emerge; enabling project professionals to move beyond fire firefighting to extinguishing fires before they start.  

We also discussed the data trust initiative, where we are seeking to securely pool project delivery data, hence creating the volume of data required to deliver   

Industry representatives discussed their current capabilities, which tend to be focused around reporting and powerBI/tableau based analytics. We discussed the potential to expand this beyond descriptive, rear facing analysis and move towards predictive and prescriptive analytics. Using data to predict when a project is likely to run into difficulty, or using data to identify opportunities to improve delivery 

The slides for this meetup can be found here Presentation to APDA 31 Oct 19

The meetup will be held every ~2 months and will bring together project and data professionals to delve into the topic of advanced project data analytics. If you have any suggestions for talks or would like to give a talk then please get in touch

Martin Paver is CEO/Founder of Projecting Success. In Dec 2017 he saw the opportunity to transform how projects could be delivered through the application of advanced data analytics and founded the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which has expanded throughout the UK and has grown to a community of ~4000 people. He delivers strategic and tactical solutions that integrate project management and leading edge data science and analytics.

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