November’s Manchester meetup

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Last night (26th November 2019) was a double bill of interesting presentations at the North West Project Data Analytics Meetup. Both topics were focused on construction but discussed very different topics.

The slides from Patrick Clyne’s presentation can be found here FPET – 26.11.19

The slides from Guillaume Neyrinck’s presentation can be found here Data driven construction management – Sablono GN – 26112019


First up were Patrick Clyne and Jamie Peck from Mott Macdonald. They spoke about their five-point estimating tool that uses a linear regression model on hundreds of past projects to estimate the estimates! The tool provides a five-point prediction consisting of the predicted value, the 70% percentile and the 95% percentile.


Patrick and Jamie closed their presentation with the announcement of a data amnesty within Mott Mcdonald; where employees are incentivised to upload the data that is held on their local machines to a data lake/warehouse so the information can be processed and used to increase the accuracy of the models they have been working on.

The second presentation was given by Guillaume Neyrinck from UCL. Guillaume spoke about a fascinating tool that can be used by the lead contractor on a project to simplify the data collection and administration process of site data. It does this by passing the burden down the supply chain and utilising technology, like apps and auto report generating algorithms.

Guillaume explained that the software was being used on a mega project in Dubai and he had been lucky enough to visit the site for three months, just as construction was just starting. It seemed like Guillaume found working with the data from a site that he had visited more exciting and motivating than other projects.

Martin Paver is CEO/Founder of Projecting Success. In Dec 2017 he saw the opportunity to transform how projects could be delivered through the application of advanced data analytics and founded the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which has expanded throughout the UK and has grown to a community of ~4000 people. He delivers strategic and tactical solutions that integrate project management and leading edge data science and analytics.

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