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The latest news and articles for October 2019


Project Data Analytics Community Newsletter
October 2019

One of the key aims of our community is to help to keep people plugged into the very latest developments across the industry. Through this newsletter and community events we want to create a forum to inspire, upskill and encourage interaction amongst our members. We practice what we preach, and use advanced data analytics and web scraping to identify content and recommend articles for the newsletter. We may not have captured everything, so please let us know anything we have missed so that we can update our algorithms accordingly.

Project Delivery

Are Projects Unique?
26/09/19 – By Bent Flyvbjerg
A great Linkedin post from Bent Flyvbjerg arguing I suggest PMI, APM, etc. stop defining projects as unique. It is doing the profession a huge disservice. Projects are NOT unique. They have a lot in common and much to learn from each other, to improve performance. There are some great comments too. It feels like the tide is turning. Read more …

Project Data Analytics: Exploiting Untapped Potential
16/9/19 – By Stephen Ashley
Stephen Ashley is the Digital Transformation Lead for the Oil and Gas Technology Centre and shares his views on how project delivery is likely to be transformed through data. Read more …

Project Data Analytics: Data Trusts
23/9/19 – By Stephen Ashley
Another interesting post from Stephen on the potential of data trusts within the oil and gas sector. Read more …

AI @ Work: New Projects, New Thinking (2019)
09/19 – By Project Management Institute
A useful document from the PMI on AI. Worth a speed read, but it’s a bit generic and lightweight. Read more …

People, Performance and Principles: The IPA’s Priorities For 2020
24/09/2019 – By Nick Smallwood
Nick Smallwood joined the UK’s Infrastructure Project Authority from Shell and lays out his objectives for the organisation which leads project delivery across government. Useful background reading, but nothing new and a little disappointing that they are still focusing on lessons learned type approaches rather than real time data driven analytics. Read more …

Data Analytics

How Malaysia Is Nurturing Data Analytics Talent
24/09/2019 – By Avanti Kumar
An interesting article on how industry and academia in Southeast Asia have worked together on initiatives to increase the quality and quantity of data analytics talent being produced. Read more …

Data Analyst: A Key Role For Data-Driven Business Decisions
26/09/2019 – By TechCentral
TechCentral have written an article on the importance of Data Analysts, and the rising demand for their skills. The article also outlines the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist, and the alternative skillsets needed. Read more …

AI & Machine Learning

How Project Managers Are Essential To AI Deployment
12/09/2019 – By Macy Bayern
This article explains how important project managers are to the adoption of AI, and how PM’s can lead successful AI initiatives. Read more …

Attacking the AI Trust Gap: ‘FICO-like’ Risk Scoring for Machine Learning Models
26/09/2019 – By Doug Black
This piece explains the idea of the ‘AI Trust Gap’, senior decision makers rejecting AI and machine learning recommendations due to a lack of understanding of how the decision is reached. The article looks at solutions to this problem. Read more …

Building Your Business’s AI Future
25/09/2019 – By David Howell
An interesting article on the importance of having an AI roadmap for successful of AI into business structure. It also includes a Q&A with Peter van de Putten, an Assistant Professor at Leiden University & Director AI Solutions at Pegasystems. Read more …

Robotic Process Automation

How RPA Can Boost Your Business Performance
06/09/2019 – By Oded Karev
An interesting take on the improvements RPA can make to business performance, and what it can and can’t do for a business. Read more …

What Can We Learn From RPA failures?
09/09/2019 – By Alexandra Leonards
This article explains some of the common reasons RPA projects fail, and the lessons we can take from these failures to ensure future success with RPA. Read more …

Things That Grabbed Our Attention

A cool platform for real time analytics and data driven insights. It got us thinking whether the future is in a ‘winner takes all’ platform or whether we plug innovative apps into an ecosystem. Read more …

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