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The latest news and articles for November 2019

Project Data Analytics Community Newsletter
November 2019

We produce this newsletter to keep you plugged into the very latest developments, building capacity and understanding within the project delivery community. As part of this quest we are also mobilising our brand new [project] data analytics apprenticeship. Its equivalent to a foundation degree and will develop a brand new cadre of professionals who straddle the divide between project delivery and data analytics. If you are interested in being one of the very first then get in touch soon; more details can be found here.

Project Delivery

What Is Gantter For Google Drive, GSuite And Cloud?
30/10/2019 – By Susan Kuruvilla
We are starting to see a few gantt chart tools with recommendation engines in them. Not sure how good they are, but it’s certainly the way things will go. Read more …

Do You Need Synthetic Data For Your AI Project?
21/10/2019 – By Alexandre Gonfalonieri
AI in project management will struggle because of a lack of data. This article provides a useful overview of how to leverage existing data to develop synthetic data and some of the pitfalls of doing so. Read more …

Forecast Raises $5.5M For It’s ‘AI-Powered’ Project Management Software
1/10/2019 – By Steve O’Hear
Interesting article on Forecast, an AI powered project management tool. They have secured VC funding and have some pretty cool functionality. Read more …

Data Analytics

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Graph Database
05/10/2019 – By Ray Robinson
An interesting article about Graph Databases, what they are, how they work, and an example of when they might be used. Read more …

Structured vs Unstructured Data Management
30/09/2019 – By Jane McCallion
This article considers the difference between structured and unstructured data, and how each type of data should be managed and stored. Read more …

AI & Machine Learning

Financial Sector Leading The Way In Using AI, Microsoft Report Reveals
1/10/2019 – By Microsoft Reporter
Interesting how the financial sector is deploying AI and automation – “Organisations already using AI at scale are performing on average of 11.5% better than those who are not – up from 5% just one year ago.” Read more …

Machine Learning Isn’t Effective At Identifying Fake News
15/10/2019 – By Michael Grothaus
A piece explaining why machine learning can’t identify fake news yet because the training data it relies on is flawed. Read more …

Should AI Aid Existing Processes or Organizations Need New Start?
31/10/2019 – By Smriti Srivastava
An article suggesting that only newly started companies can fully leverage the benefits of AI for business processes, and that more established organisations should review their current processes before trying to use AI to improve them. Read more …

Twenty Developers ‘Confident’ Their AI Will Be Ready For NHS Within a Year
30/10/2019 – By Andrea Downey
A report ‘Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right’ has suggested several developers are confident their AI technology will shortly be ready for implementation in the NHS. This follows the £250m National AI lab to deliver NHS improvements that was announced in August. Read more …

Robotic Process Automation

Integrating Security With Robotic Process Automation
07/10/2019 – By Dionisio Zumerle and Cathy Tornbohm
This article highlights the importance of security in Robotic Process Automation, and how this should be at the forefront for organisations introducing RPA into their business. Read more …

Robotic Process Automation Market Research Report 2019-2026
30/10/2019 – By Navanath Ransing
A report detailing the outlook and global framework of the RPA market for 2019-2026. Read more …

Things That Grabbed Our Attention

UiPath Forward III
We attended the UiPath conference in Las Vegas recently, and were blown away with the extent to which some large corporates are investing in RPA. Every member of staff will have a robot to undertake the work they would rather not do. We had a glimpse into the UiPath development pipeline and barriers to entry will reduce with low-code solutions. This will transform the way we work, but the clever stuff is really interesting. Read more …

Select “timeline” for a useful visualization on which countries are doing what in the world of AI policy and government initiatives. Read more …

Upcoming Community Events

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In 2017 Projecting Success founded the Project Data Analytics Community. It is now the UK’s largest community of project delivery and data science professionals. Existing purely for the benefit of its members, it seeks to push the boundaries of project delivery into a whole new realm. We host monthly meetups across the UK and hackathons 3 times a year. For more information visit our website. To receive this newsletter directly to your inbox every month click on the button below.


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