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Project Data Analytics Community Newsletter
December 2019

We produce this newsletter to keep you plugged into the very latest developments, building capacity and understanding within the project delivery community. As part of this quest we are also mobilising our brand new (Project) Data Analyst apprenticeship. It’s equivalent to a foundation degree and will develop a brand new cadre of professionals who straddle the divide between project delivery and data analytics. If you are interested in being one of the very first then get in touch soon; more details can be found here.

Project Delivery

Churn and Political Interference Hampering Major Project Delivery, Says PACAC Report
November 5, 2019 – By Commons Select Committee
Parliament have been investigating major project delivery. The committee had to be disbanded when Parliament was closed. This is the interim report. A little underwhelming considering the resources that went into it. Read more …

The New Era of Data Sharing in Construction is Around the Corner
November 26, 2019 – By PBC Today
Gareth Parkes, knowledge manager at SRM, discusses the urgent need for the construction industry to improve how it uses data. He suggests a collaborative approach to data is the way forward, and that sharing data effectively can solve the sector’s most pressing concerns. Read more …

AI Software to Revolutionise Rail Track Inspections
November 11, 2019 – By PBC Today
Interesting article on how new AI computer software, developed in partnership by Balfour Beatty and the University of York, is changing the rail track inspection process. It feels like there is a plethora of use cases that are emerging, but how do we work collaboratively to choose those of greatest value/ROI? Read more …

Artificial Intelligence Meets Downtime Factoring in Construction
November 26, 2019 – By PBC Today
We’ve been discussing how we can correlate project delivery performance and weather. Capabilities are beginning to emerge to help provide insights into downtime. Read more …

Data Analytics

Gareth Southgate: How Big Data and Cloud Helps England Prepare For Euro 2020
November 27, 2019 – By Steve McCaskill
The English FA recently reached a deal to use Google’s cloud technology to digitize the previous manual process of collating performance, medical, scouting and video data and storing it in the cloud. More and more professional sports teams are turning to data analytics as a way of improving performance, and I think this will only continue to rise, especially in areas such as tactics and injury prevention. Read more …

Amid Facial Recognition Adoption Race Chinese Residents Concern Over Data Privacy
November 27, 2019 – By Vivek Kumar
Facial recognition software has become increasingly common over the past few years, but this introduces the problem of data privacy. In China, surveillance camera’s equipped with facial recognition technology are being used increasingly. The lack of an overarching data privacy law in China is allowing companies to gain access to the massive volume of an individual’s personal data. Read more …

AI & Machine Learning

Google’s New ‘Explainable AI” (xAI) Service
November 25 – By Tirthajyoti Sarkar
AI has an explainability problem. Deep learning models can use millions of parameters to create complex and nonlinear internal representations of datasets they are fed, but it is very difficult to understand the internal features of these models. xAI is a service from Google that as well as producing a prediction, also outputs a small explanation on why that predictions was given. Read more …

Fake News Classification Using GLOVE and Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)
November 28 – By Anish Shrestha
With the election coming up shortly, this tutorial covers how a deep learning model is used to classify if news is fake or not from an election news article data set. The model used is a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) neural network, and is trained on the ‘fake_real_news’ dataset from GitHub. Read more …

Apple’s ‘sexist’ Credit Card Investigated by US Regulator
11 November, 2019 – By BBC News
Apple’s credit card, run by Goldman Sachs, is being investigated after reports that the algorithm used to set limits might be biased against women. These reports are based on a small number of reports of husbands receiving a credit limit many times larger than their wives. Without access to the algorithm it would be impossible to be certain if the algorithm is biased or not, but this case highlights an important issue of accountability in AI. Companies need to understand what their algorithms are doing, and they need to be accountable for the results these algorithms produce. Read more …

On-Device Captioning with Live Caption
October 29, 2019 – By Michelle Tadmor-Ramanovich and Nadav Bar
Google AI have introduced a new feature, Live Caption, that automatically captions media playing on your phone. This captioning happens in real time, on-device, without using network resources, preserving privacy and lowering latency. This feature is just the beginning of on-device machine learning, and is an area we expect to see significant growth in the near future. Read more …

Robotic Process Automation

Could Process Mining Be Bigger Than RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?
November 22, 2019 – By Tom Taulli
This article outlines the importance of process mining, and the insights that can be gained from it, particularly identifying problems and bottlenecks in processes. It suggests that process mining could be bigger than RPA in the future, however I would argue that they would be most beneficial working side by side. Read more …

Adobe CIO: How we scaled RPA with a Center of Excellence
October 30, 2019 – By Cynthia Stoddard
Interesting article on how important an RPA center of excellence is in advancing RPA use in an organisation. Read more …

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