ABB – using data science to transform Information Systems project delivery

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Project Data Analytics

On 6 Sept Owen Salvage delivered an insightful talk on how Information System project management is exploiting data science within ABB. The slides to the presentation can be found at this Link

The key take home points were: 

  • Improve transparency of data, ut always challenge the data quality and accuracy. 
  • Change the mindset to open questions such as ‘what if we knew…’ Leaders are not used to the new questions that could be asked or the art of the possible in what can be answered. 
  • The past experience of individuals is probably given too much weight, particularly if we can extract insights and a deliver ‘handrail’ from the data.  
  • Lack of imagination and vision can constrain the ability of an organisation to deliver a data analytics driven future. 
  • Insights emerge from the connections in the data rather than just the data itself. 
  • Capture more data than you need now because it will shape future analysis. 
  • Social interaction diagrams provide a useful means of understanding how well the organisation is performing and provides additional data and insights on performance. 
  • Delivery performance and organisational health predictors provide the greatest opportunity for ABB. 



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