Who are we?

Our community was founded by Projecting Success. We have a bold vision and need your help. Imagine a world where we are able to collect, map and analyse the data that is acquired in the course of project delivery and use the insights from this data to deliver future projects more efficiently. A world where we reduce the probability of an adverse event that could de-rail the project that costs lives, sinks the company or creates untold reputation damage. Even better if we can get to a position where we are able to avoid the avoidable.   

It sounds easy doesn’t it? But its certainly not an easy path to follow. The lack of organisational imperative, volume of data, data quality and commitment to change makes this a tough vision to deliver. 

But by working together, by sharing good practice, illustrating the art of the possible, pooling data and up-skilling project delivery professionals the vision becomes a realistic one. This is what our community is about. 

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