Greg Lawton at UCL

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It was our first event in our new venue at UCL last night where Greg Lawton delivered a talk on his vision for managing complexity within projects.

As a qualified astrophysicist he had to wrestle with change on a nuclear submarine project at BAE Systems. It was at that point that he started to understand the opportunity of helping organisations to manage complexity.

$6.2tn is invested in complex projects on a global basis. Yet many of these projects exceed their sanctioned cost and time envelope. Greg’s proposition is that if we can manage the complexity more effectively then we can move the dial.

Nodes and Links raised £1.4m of seed funding and are on their journey to success. He referenced the organisations such as Uber and Google, who become increasingly successful as their data grows. They business models become increasingly compelling and effective. The same applies for projects centred around project data. The models become increasingly effective.

From improving the predictability of cashflow in a project to understanding which elements of a projects are likely to knock it off track. It sounds like Greg has some cool capabilities in the pipeline. We look forward to seeing how his work evolves in the coming months. It could be really ground breaking. 

Martin Paver is CEO/Founder of Projecting Success. In Dec 2017 he saw the opportunity to transform how projects could be delivered through the application of advanced data analytics and founded the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which has expanded throughout the UK and has grown to a community of ~4000 people. He delivers strategic and tactical solutions that integrate project management and leading edge data science and analytics.

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