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GMPP Analysis via PowerBI web app

GMPP Analysis via PowerBI web app

The Infrastructure Projects Authority published their annual report on the government major projects portfolio in July. The projects data analytics meetup took the data from the report and created an interactive report using Power BI. We have publishes this on our projects how page. This analysis brings a richness to the data that is not available within the IPA report and helps to demonstrate what is possible with a ‘few days’ of effort. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for improvement. 

It is also hugely disappointing that some of the IPA data is nearly 2 years old. In comparison, the US publish data on their portfolio of IT projects in near real time. Australia publishes a very powerful and interactive dashboard on their portfolio of ICT projects. 

The UK purports to be a world leader in transparency, but this is simply untrue. We could and should be doing so much more to open up this data. 


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