February meetup in Bristol

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We really enjoyed the Bristol Project Data Analytics Community meetup on Tuesday. Patrick Clyne and Joshua Folkes did a superb job summarising the award winning work that they delivered with United Utilities. Their presentation slides can be found here FPET – 04.02.20 (1)

They have taken estimating to a new level by digging deep into cost uncertainty.

A combination of forensic analysis of data, proficient use of stats and thinking differently. We are entering a new era where we challenge established practice and use data to direct our effort. Lots of data.

What we also found helpful was how they were able to extract insights from data up to 25 years old, calibrating it’s relevance. There is further opportunity to automate some of this.

So many opportunities to make an impact on the profession it’s difficult choosing where to start. But what is clear is… start somewhere and iterate, underpinned by a strategy outlining where you are heading and how you intend to get there. It won’t be linear, but it will be transformational.

Thanks to Paddy and Josh for taking the time out to share their insights.

Join the community. We’ll be at 5,000 members pretty soon. Let’s change the world together.

A big thanks to RSM too for hosting us!

Martin Paver is CEO/Founder of Projecting Success. In Dec 2017 he saw the opportunity to transform how projects could be delivered through the application of advanced data analytics and founded the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which has expanded throughout the UK and has grown to a community of ~4000 people. He delivers strategic and tactical solutions that integrate project management and leading edge data science and analytics.

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