Project:Hack 3.0

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  • 2019-06-29 9:00 to 2019-06-30 16:00

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Project:Hack 3.0

2019-06-29 9:00 to 2019-06-30 16:00
June 29, 2019


Project:Hack 3.0

2019-06-29 9:00 to 2019-06-30 16:00
June 29, 2019



Welcome to Project:Hack 3.0. Following on from the huge success of our Hackathon in February, we are back! With up to 100 people working on some cutting edge project related data challenges, together we can help to change an industry…

Spaces are limited so CLICK HERE to book your place now, whether you are a project professional, data analyst/scientist, developer or just want to find out more. Please only book if you intend to be there. This is a community based project, heavily reliant on sponsors and no-shows can significantly impact the success of the event.

The Proposition 

Only around 50% of projects are completed on time and slightly more are delivered within the original budget. This situation has hardly changed in nearly a decade. It is a challenge which is ideally suited to advanced data analytics methods and we would be delighted if you could join us to help shape a new future. A future that has the potential to save society hundreds of billions and transform how projects are managed. Although data analytics are gaining traction across the board, the project management profession is a relatively late adopter and you have an opportunity to change it.

If you are free on 29-30th June 2019 and have a passion for solving problems then please join us for a hackathon that will ignite the professional imagination, inspire and demonstrate what can be achieved through the use of advanced data analytics.

Here’s what happened in February:

The Event:

When:             09:00-16:00 on 29-30th June, with beers afterwards on the Saturday night

Where:            Microsoft Reactor, London. Breakfast and lunch will be provided

How many:      Capacity for 100 people

Teams:            Teams of around 6 people will form before and during the event.

Skills:               We’ll need a mix of business analysis, professional project delivery experience and data science/analytics skills (from python, PowerBI/visualisation, graph databases through to machine learning)

Special thanks to our sponsors

Let’s get started!

We’ll start the day by introducing the challenges and the data sets. You’ll then have the opportunity to pitch your idea to the crowd to invite team members, or join a team whose idea you want to work on. You’ll then spend two days developing the concepts, interrogating the data, building proof of concepts and delivering a solid pitch to support it. Finally, you’ll get the opportunity to present to industry experts who will judge your proposal. Not only will you have the kudos associated with shaping the future of project management, but we also some amazing prizes to award.

There will be on-ground support. Data scientists, PowerBI experts and subject matter experts will help you with technical queries and mentors will guide you towards the perfect pitch.

It promises to be a great couple of days will be had with food, drinks, ideas and bucket loads of fun. The only requirement is to come with a lot of bright ideas and enthusiasm!


Sir Robert McAlpine

  • We complete daily diaries for construction activities – what can they tell us about the likely success of the project?
  • Can we use AI on photo datasets to identify differences between good and bad quality images of construction materials?
  • What insights can we derive from company car data?
  • How can we improve sustainability using Waste & Materials / Energy & Carbon usage data?
  • Show me how I can optimise resources more efficiently to reduce people coming back to fix snags and therefore minimise impact on the programme

Highways England

  • How can we meet the relentless demand to build new infrastructure when there are skills shortages, regional variances and an aging workforce?
  • Improving Commercial Forecasting – consider Machine Learning to forecast variance
  • Reduce Delivery Delays – Use the A14 IoT data from a transport supplier to provide visual feedback

Oxford University, Said Business School

  • How can we make planning of IT projects easier? This dataset offers a rich set of data that might contain valuable patterns that can aid project managers in defining projects, set of activities, their sequencing and the budget required

NYC Construction Projects (public data)

  • Can you infer insights about stalled projects and use this to determine which current projects may be at risk?

To get involved, sign up today!


What do I need to bring to the event?

Your laptop, access to any software that you are likely to need and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

How will my ideas be managed?

Your ideas belong to you. Its your intellectual property.

How will my personal data be used?

Purely for the administration of this event, future events and any agreed follow up actions. It will not be used for any other purposes.