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The Australian Government has been publishing a dashboard on its Information Communication and Technology (ICT) projects for a number of years. The dashboard is available here. We have been scraping this dataset for >6 months and are now able to derive trends and insights.

There is a great post on the background to this dashboard by a member of the Australian government. 

For those who have worked on ICT projects you will probably appreciate that the charts look a little too green, with only 1 red project. On closer inspection we have found that over 70% of the projects have been rebaselined, which masks the true performance of the portfolio. 

Members of the Project Data Analytics community will be probing further into this data to explore:

– How accurate is the dashboard. Does it reflect reality?

– How many projects have been rebaselined? 

– Which projects have a tendency for delay more than others? 

– Are we able to extract and segment the reasons for delay from the data?

– Is there any text or other data in the text that begins to indicate whether a delay or rebaseline is likely? Are there any leading indicators?

If you would like to be involved in extracting these insights and pushing the boundaries of advanced project analytics then please get in touch. 

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