Community meetup 13th March

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Many thanks to all our speakers at the Meetup last night. We had two great presentations, firstly from Mudano and secondly from Derek Jones.

Mudano took us through how they are using project data to improve project performance. It was a fascinating insight into how they can use existing project data to predict future projects, with the ultimate aim of enabling targeted interventions before problems arrive. They explored the concept of trying to identify unreported risk, and the themes that lead to success or failure of a project. The allocation of RAG status was discussed, and how historically it has been used so subjectively, much in the same way as if you were marking your own homework. This has led them to develop a Project Health Score, which is an amalgamation of key indicators including a foresight ratio and interpreting text-based reports. A link to the slides can be found here:


Secondly, we had a presentation from Derek Jones, who took us through his analysis of 10+ years of commercial development data. He discussed the factors which influence estimation accuracy included the person making the estimate, the project involved, and the propensity to use round numbers. His slides can be found here.

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