June Update

We discuss the new Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tool from McKinsey, how IBM are using machine learning to create Wimbledon tennis highlights, and the new Pandas profiling python package.

April News Update

For April’s update, we take a look at the latest PowerBI updates including how to use Python in PowerBI. There’s also news on the Python package Kite which you can use to autocomplete your coding, and lastly info on some free resourcing on Graph Algorithms from Neo4j ( https://neo4j.com/graph-algorithms-book/)

Our first NW meetup

On 30 April we held our very first meetup in the NorthWest. Saurabh Bhandari and Martin Paver shared the stage to provide an introduction into the challenges associated with advanced project data analytics and its implications for how we deliver projects in the future. Martin provided an introduction to the Read more…